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Mythos Europe

Mythos Europe is a 3D fantasy themed Hybrid MMORPG. Players become adventurers in a magical world infested with hostile creatures and races seeking revenge. Comparable to the classic Diablo heroes wage war using a unique hack n’ slash form of combat with various spells. Explore dungeons, complete quests, and stake your claim in the mystical land of Uld.
Mythos Europe mixes both role-playing and hack n' slash gameplay. After a broken alliance between the Cyclops and the Humans the once peaceful land has now become a danger zone. Explore various territories of former allies. Slay wild beasts, monsters, and opposing nations.

The game offers 4 playable races - Gremlin, Styr, Human, and Cyclops.

The classes in the game are three:

Bloodletter – Notorious for their powerful melee combat this class has the ability to summon blood minions from their fallen foes to serve as their own. Skill Tree consists of Crimsonate, Martialist, and Red Hand.
Pyromancer – Experts at long ranged attacks this class has also mastered the element known as fire. They are equipped with protective shields and enchanted weapons. Pyromancer’s skill tree features Cinderblade, Flamecaster, and Coalsmasher.
Gadgeteers – Tech geniuses armed with an assortment of rifles and artillery at their disposal. This class has the ability to construct bombs as well as clever traps. Skill Tree has Marksman, Grenadier, and Tinkerer.

The Gameplay.
Most of the gameplay involves completing quests and exploring dungeons. There are plenty of quests to accomplish. Mythos Europe has a nice variety of tasks for adventurers to tackle. Missions can vary from delivering urgent messages to NPCs to killing monsters terrorizing townsfolk. Search under rocks for magical dust powder. Find cooper material nearby and forge a hammer. Players usually end up battling roaming monsters in combat. The hack n’ slash combat is intense. Users have to click repeatedly to initiate blows. Nothing gets passed these beasts.

Skills & Dungeon.
During combat heroes can execute various skills depending on their chosen class. Each class has three specialized skill trees that players can master through leveling up and distributing points. In Mythos Europe adventurers also explore dozens of dungeons in the form of massive caves, mysterious cellars, and abandoned sanctuaries. Some quests require heroes to clear dungeons in certain locations.

Final word: Very Good!

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