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The Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online is a 3D, fantasy MMORPG based on the now legendary LotR franchise. With characters from the movies and books, LotRO is sure to entice fans, but there’s plenty here for those unfamiliar with the story. A massive game world, an interesting PvP mode that allows gamers to play as monsters, and player housing are just some of the features this game has to offer.

This game started its life by being pay to play, but not it is free to play. The game places a heavy emphasis on story and lore. Right from the start, players are thrown into the thick of things with interactive quests. Players are only given the option of choosing between the ‘good’ or ‘free’ races which include Humans (referred to simply as ‘Man’), Dwarves, Elves, and Hobbits but can play as monsters in special PvP battles starting at level 10. There are a total of nine classes available, though not all are available to all races. PvP in LotRO is a bit different than most MMORPGs; players fight in large battles either as special level 50 monsters or as their normal characters.

 The available races are: Elves, Hobbits, Human and Dwarves. You can pick male or female for any rae except Dwarf, which offers only male.

There are nine playable classes:

Burgler -  The rogue-like class of LotRO. Buglers fight with daggers and excel at debuffing and crowd control. They can deal heavy DPS as well but have now defense and health. Races: Man, Hobbit.

Captain -  A class unique to the race of Man. Captains can use a large variety of armors and weapons. They control pets, have buffing abilities and are capable of tanking. Races: Man.

Champion -  The main tanking class of Lord of the Rings Online. Guardians can use most weapon types and all armor types. They can deal moderate damage, but are most useful in absorbing damage for their allies. Races: Man, Elf, Dwarf, Hobbit.

Hunter -  The classic archer archetype. Hunters deal heavy damage from a distance using bows, but have lower defense and health than the melee-oriented classes. All races can play as hunters.

Lore-Master - A multi-purpose spell casting class. Lore-Masters hurl spells from a safe distance, summon pets, and are capable of crowd control (CC.) Races: Man, Elf.

Minstrel -  Minstrels sooth their allies wounds with enchanting songs and boost their fighting potential with powerful chants. Since they are the main supportive class in he game, the Minstrel class is available to all classes.

Rune-Keeper -  The main offensive spell casters. They hurl powerful spells at their targets but are also capable of healing their allies. With low defense and health, they must be defended by their allies. Races: Elf, Dwarf.

Warden - A jack-of-all-trades melee class that uses medium armor and several weapon types, including throwing javelins. Wardens are mainly concerned with dealing damage, but can serve as off-tanks. Races: Man, Elf, Hobbit.

The character creation in LotRO is pretty good, since it offers you a "colour wheel"

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