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Allods Online

Allods Online, or just Allods for short, is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with some interesting Sci-Fi elements. The game mixes high fantasy elements with the space opera genre, but with a much greater emphasis on fantasy. Unlike other MMORPGs, Allods Online has a great emphasis on its storyline. The game takes place after the destruction of the planet Sarnout which led to the formation of floating islands in space called Allods. Fight for either the Empire or the League in this extremely polished MMORPG.

Allods Overview:
Allods Online is an unique 3D MMORPG with Sci-Fi elements mixed in. The graphics are a lot like World of Warcraft and the gameplay is like Warhammer Online. The game has amazing storyline and PvP. One of the most unique features of this games are the ship battles which take action in space, wheer you fight either NPCs or other players. The game has six races, eight classes and whopping 28 different archetypes.

There are 2 playable factions. The League and The Empire.
The League can offer you 3 different races: Elves, Gibberlings and Kanians.
The Empire can also give you 3 races: Orcs, Xadaganians and Arisens.
The classes are as following: Warrior, Mage, Scout, Paladin, Psionicist, Summoner, Healer and Warden.

This MMORPG stays fresh and interesting until the very end. Every time you gain a new piece of gear, the way your character looks will change. Allods Online has many quests to take part in so you don't have to grind in order to level-up, unless you just want to. As you move up in levels they'll be even more adventures to enjoy as you explore the dead seas, tropical islands, pyramids and take part in astral battles while seeking out the “big bosses” scattered across the zones.

If you're killed in the game then you'll be sent to the nearest resurrection area where you'll wait until you're resurrected. Allods Online does have many of the same great qualities that can be found in the ever-so-popular WoW but that's just a bonus feature. This plus the fact that it's a free-to-play game makes it an excellent selection for any gamer looking for fun and adventure in an online MMORPG game.  

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